In her own words: The story behind Aunt Polly's Material Girls

NEWCOMB It all began when my husband Doug Alitz brought me to the Adirondacks on our honeymoon. And what a journey it has been. We both grew up in small rural farm towns.
I so admired the Swiss for the resourcefulness when I lived there. Well, it is the same here in the Adirondacks - hardworking, inventive people. I have learned a lot here in the Adirondacks. The journey never seems to end.
First, we had an old cabin in the Goodnow Flow and even in the winter did not want to return home to New Jersey. Our car would not start , so we called the Newcomb House with the question. What garage do you call to start a car? Mike Garrand came to help us. The list of people goes on and on of wonderful people.
So, we started Aunt Pollys B & B so that we could live here in the beauty of the Adirondacks and its people. Newcomb was the place for us.
After Aunt Pollys Inn was no longer an Inn, the owners logged the 70 acres and put in beautiful trails for cross country skiing, hiking and horseback riding..
That lead to Tom Dillon offering my husband a job driving a team of horses Prince & Charlie into the Great Camp Santanoni across the road. So, now Aunt Pollys B & B also became High Peaks Stables with boarding horses.
Well, one day, after 13 years of falling balsam fir trees falling over our trails horse riders complained. So, at the age of 64, I said to my husband. This is the last tree that has fallen , that I will not harvest. Well, I have not cut one tree down as of today; and I am still in the balsam business. And, so Adirondack Balsam Products was begun. Balsam sells for over $2 a pound. Not bad for a tree that always falls.
Well, that journey was still not over at 65. Making sachets, animals, pillows filled with balsam, I needed pretty materials. I searched the internet and found E-Bay with material. Well, one yard for 5 or more dollars, plus shipping was expensive. I decided to check out wholesale being that I did have a resale number.
The wholesaler told me it would less expensive shipping with more fabric. I made an offer to the Quilters in Newcomb
Well, AUNT POLLYS MATERIAL GIRLS is here. I am have having a ball surrounding myself with beautiful balsam, fabrics and people who appreciate the beauty of soft material.
My business is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. because its part of our home, Aunt Polls B&B. But its best to call first so we know to expect you (582-2260). Were located at 5795 Route 28N, Newcomb. Stop by and say hello. I am Maggie to my friends.

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