Students rejoice when veteran 'teachers' arrive

And, funny thing, the students love every minute of it. Lucas Leclerc, still feeling the excitement from being in a school play, was even more ecstatic to see the visitors as he arrived back to class. The veterans are here, he shouted. Thats the best! I love it when they come (to our class)! The relationship is one that began just before Christmas, when Bouissey and her class teamed up with Michelle Ouellette of Learn and Serve and the owners of Prays Farmers Market in Plattsburgh to make wreaths to give to local veterans. The veterans were so taken by their kindness and support and their willingness to learn about what it means to serve the country, that they have kept in contact with the fifth grade class. Each wreath had a name and address for correspondence, but some of the veterans took the friendship a little further with a surprise visit about a month ago. At that time they were invited to come back for lunch and ice cream with the kids, provided the students meet their challenge learning their multiplication tables up to 12 times 12. A few students said that was too easy, and vowed to make it up to the 14s. Bouissey and her class recently invited their new pals back to school to enjoy a school play that some of the students starred in. Afterwards the veterans went back to the classroom for coffee and donuts and to see if the students knew their times tables. Leclerc was the first to take the hot spot, as the veterans, teachers and classmates drilled him. He did it, but had a bit of trouble when challenged with the 14s. Dumas recalled that there were still two other students who said they would make it that high, and he was determined to hold them to it. They were a tad reluctant, but Zachary Jermono and Russell Serrano came to the front of the class. They did okay with the lower end of the 14 times tables, but got stumped by the higher numbers. It was then that a couple of the veterans gave them some pointers on easier ways of figuring when doing the more challenging multiplication tables. Before long Dumas was up at the chalkboard demonstrating the old way of learning. Even the teachers were impressed with his teaching skills. And since the students did finally meet the challenge, their veteran friends will soon return to Momot to celebrate. Just after this weeks break they will be treated to a luncheon of Mrs. Bouisseys homemade Chili and ice cream sundaes for dessert!

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