Momot music theater brings The Princess and the Pea to stage

Roxanne LaBarge directed the fifth-grade student cast, with lots of help from faculty, staff, parents, friends and the Momot PTO. Walker Gosrich played the part of Prince Nicholas, who was searching for a bride, none of which could ever seem to pass the tests of his mother, Queen Minerva, played by Maggie Homer. After a number of failed attempts at having a royal wedding, King Rupert, played by Robbie Hartman, upset with the Queens tactics, took the Jesters advice to search within their own kingdom for a suitable bride for the Prince. Gillian, played by Victoria Herkalo, was finally chosen as the perfect girl, but although the King was in agreement, his wife was not so sure. As Gillian was busy imagining just how picture perfect her wedding day would be, Hannah the Chambermaid, played by Hannah McCleary, secretly wished she were the one about to marry Prince Nicholas and the King and Queen came up with a new test of genuine tenderness for their potential daughter-in-law. As it turned out the test was passed, but not by Gillian, by Hannah. It was she that ended up with the man of her dreams. Even Gillian had a happy ending as she too found happiness with Barnaby the Jester, played by Nick Walker. Other lead roles included Jeremy Carpenter as the Minister, Deanna LaBarge and Lucas Leclerc as parents, Talya Bushey and Gabby King as siblings and Devan Bushey and Courtney Dame as friends. Evelyn Vicencio, Anna Keable and Marina Carmia played the roles of the three princesses. Villagers and wedding guests were played by Savannha Bulriss, Alexis Clark, Alexander Cribb, Gwendolyn Eagen, Sahar Khan, Nichole Knapp, Brooke Knight, Joseph LaForest, Amanda Leonard, Montana Mangum-Rinn, Shane Powers, Kelsey Primard and Lydia Vincent. The musical was presented Thursday night for families and again Friday morning for students, families and special guests.

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