Dead Pan drama takes Adirondack Hotel stage during Carnival

Dead Pan takes place at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake on March 3, during Winter Carnival. The night of mystery starts with a cash bar at 5:27 p.m. and the performance begins at 6:02 p.m. and it is up to the audience to figure out who is who, what is what and the name of the murderer. When the creative sorts of the group and the working sort of the hotel staff start pointing fingers at each other --- there are less tips than a land lock canoe. Or something like that. The manager was demanding of everyone, but himself. While stealing away have his evening gin and cigarette someone found him and left him dead on the loading dock, with an indentation on the back of his head that matched a skillet filled with burnt eggs. To say the eggs and the manager's head were scrambled for the last time is an understatement. On a normal day -- one when the a staff member isn't killed on the location -- the workers don't get along, now they are like barracudas and piranhas on fish fry night in Trouts Lake. They are testy with each other, and vicious with the improv group that rehearses at the Hotel Sarasoda. Though the hotel honcho won't be missed, it still is a crime and someone has to solve the mystery. That someone will likely be the audience who will be called to duty to interview the suspects and figure out who has the big swing -- when it comes to a frying pan. "Dead Pan" is a play in which the audience attempts solves the crime. The guileful sleuths have a chance to win prizes for their deductions. "Dead Pan" is filled with Adirondack humor. Best of all there is a seasoned cast that audiences have enjoyed from the previous six Winter Carnival Mysteries! Highlighting the night of intrigue and interviews are Jessica Letson, Lucky Cerutti, Robin Cerutti, Chris Fransen, Doug Fransen and Kelly Wight. The script is written by George DeChant. Ticket and accommodation information is available by calling the Adirondack Hotel at 624-4700. More information is available by calling the Hotel.

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