McCardell supports teen drinkers

Some may call them young adults, while others point to the fact that they are still teenagers. But if a new Montpelier-based organization gets its way, 18-year-old males and females will get the right to drink before they turn 21. John McCardell, past president of Middlebury College, is on a crusade to lower the state drinking age to 18 for teenagers who score high on a proposed alcohol education course. McCardell formed an organization called Choose Responsibility. He said laws that set the drinking age at 21 do little to keep young people between the ages of 18 and 21 from consuming alcohol. While president of Middlebury College, McCardell had to deal with the consequences of underage drinking both on and off campus. Many complaints by neighbors to local and state police, regarding off-campus animal houses, occurred during McCardells tenure at Middlebury. McCardell blames the under 21 binge-drinking crisis on current drinking laws.

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