Letter to the Editor

To the editor: The recent motor vehicle accident along I-87, which had a wife watch her husband slowly freeze to death while she tried in vain to use her cell phone to call for help, is heart wrenchingly sad. My family frequently travels this road to reach Elizabethtown. To hear the environmentalists whine about seeing a "Frankentree" cell tower along I-87 is illogical and ridiculous and now lethally dangerous. Let us not forget the big picture here. There is an over 100-mile long, four-lane blacktop ribbon coursing through the Adirondack Park. There are numerous concrete and steel bridges running along its length and frequently running over it. There are rock cuts and large landfill berms scarring its path. Whole swaths of trees have been clear cut and mowed lawn has taken their place. There are culverts and steel piping directing the water runoff. Add to this concrete barriers and all sorts of railings, yellow and white lines, tenth of miles mile markers, all sorts of signage, and views of the Great Escape and various villages and other man made structures. And somehow adding a few 100 foot tall cell towers are going to ruin this "pristine" environment while you are driving by at 70 miles per hour? Whom are they kidding? This stretch of land has already been sacrificed for the greater good and a couple of cell towers are not going to make a bit of difference. Unless of course your life is on the line. Peter J. Zegarelli Sleepy Hollow, NY

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