Hurtling through life one snowdrift at a time

This weeks snowstorm confirmed what most have known for a long time. There are a lot of idiots out there and given an opportunity, theyll prove it.

I was driving down the Northway on Wednesday morning in a blinding snowstorm. I had the good fortune to fall behind some plow trucks three of them to be exact, each plowing a lane in tandem. Overnight about 10 inches of snow had already fallen and snow continued at a rate of a few inches an hour. But we were managing, traveling south at about 30 M.P.H., which for near blizzard conditions, wasnt too shabby.

At least I thought so. Apparently not everyone was of like mind. Some yahoo, out to firmly establish his idiot status, was determined to pass the snowplows and race ahead into the teeth of the storm.

He jockeyed between lanes trying to find an alley he could wedge through, invariably cutting me off several times in his mad rush to go faster.

In an instant he got his chance, this driver did. One of the plows slowed momentarily and he hit the afterburners and jetted through the opening, causing three plows and a trail of vehicles to hit their brakes.

The idiot yahoo disappeared in a spray of powder, racing ahead to his all-important destination. About a mile down the road, the plow caravan passed a vehicle that had spun out; coming to rest in the no-mans land between the north and south bound lanes. The car was buried fender deep in snow and the driver was digging.

I want to believe it was the yahoo idiot who was behind the wheel of the spun-out vehicle. That would be poetic justice. The truth is, I dont know if it was or not. The snow was coming down too hard and the vehicle was too buried to tell if it was the same car that nearly ran me off the road in his quest to out race the plows.

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