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So what did you think of the commercials during the Super Bowl this year? Eh, they were OK, but Ive seen better. I think that commercials, Super Bowl and otherwise, generally are either really funny, boring or pretty gross. A couple of years ago, I wrote what I thought about the commercial where Santa had diarrhea, and things have spiraled out of control since then. Now they have Godzilla and some huge superheros stalking the countryside with heartburn, bloating, upset stomach, diarrhea. Not an image I like to carry around in my head. Computer graphics and the imagination of some of Madison Avenues best have created some intensely disgusting images that Id rather forget. Hopping water balloons that burst to sell drugs for bladder control? Puh-leeze. How about those pipe people living in pipeland, with pipe birds and even a pipe jazz quartet at the pipe night club? Clever idea, but the message is the same: We can help if you leak! Hopefully Godzilla and the giant super heroes pay attention to the pipe people so they dont leak. How about giving lumps of mucus a personality? Whether theyre setting up housekeeping in our lungs or hopping around in our nostrils, do we really need to see dancing boogers to sell us stuff? As for this years Super Bowl, my favorite was the little white dog that nobody liked until he got splattered and looked like a dalmation. Suddenly hes on the Anheiser Busch wagon being hugged by supermodels. The Blockbuster ad with the rabbit and hamster trying to click and drag a mouse was pretty funny, and what was up with Oprah and David Letterman together on a couch together? Scott loves the Jimmy Dean commercials where the guy in the sun outfit always has to get up and heat and light the earth. He laughs every time they come on. I really like the Ellen DeGeneres ads with all the animals at her office. I laughed so hard I was crying when the raccoon was putting on her eyeliner. But thats me; put an animal in a commercial and Im a sucker for it. Not that I carry that particular credit card, but I love the ad. One more thing about the Super Bowl. As many people know, I am not much of a sports fan, so I just have two questions: Why do they call him Booger McFarland, and how does a football coach get the moniker Lovie Smith? Come on! Nancy OBrien is the editor for Adirondack Journal. She can be reached at nancy@denpubs.com

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