Living with ADHD

PLATTSBURGH Its sad, but doctors and researchers still cannot pinpoint exactly why some people have ADHD. Research shows that ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is perhaps genetic and may be inherited in some cases. Meanwhile scientists are also exploring other possibilities including the fact that ADHD may be more prevalent in kids who are born prematurely and that it seems to be more common in males than in females. What doctors do know is that ADHD is caused by changes in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which help send messages between nerve cells in the brain. Those who have ADHD may not be aware that their behavior is different than others; they feel they are just doing what comes naturally. According to medical experts at Health.org, there are some simple things you might want to try to help with school and relationships: First, try sitting in the front of class to limit distractions. Next, turn off email, instant messaging, and your cell-phone when you are doing homework or other things that require focused attention. Have open and honest discussions with your teacher about your condition and try to work together to find ways to enhance learning in a way that works for you. Keep in mind that some schools will allow people with ADHD more time for tests and some teens tend to benefit from smaller class sizes and tutorial help. Find and put to use tools that will help you stay organized. Keep a homework notebook to keep track of assignments. Keeping a daily agenda can help you keep on track of and balance homework, extracurricular activities and your social life. Studies are now showing that exercise can help people that have ADHD feel less hyper. You may find taking activity breaks while studying or doing homework will help you to regain focus. Look into relaxation and meditation techniques to help you relax. Living with ADHD can be frustrating, but taking pride in the things you do well will help with self-esteem. While there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the causes, diagnosis and best treatment options for ADHD, doctors, counselors, and teachers are learning more all the time and are gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by those living with it.

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