Fourth down and six months to go

They couldnt. They just couldnt.

Some would say, quit whining Mender. A little diversion would do you good. And they may be right. But honestly, its not me Im worried about. Its my sons, the next generation of football fanatics.

The youngest boy-child has roamed the house aimlessly this week, a blank stare on his face. Hes going through withdrawal I fear. I dont think he realized it all would come to an end. Hes lived and breathed, slept and dreamed nothing but football since training camp opened last August. And now its over.

Well, not completely over not the kind of over like when your favorite player retires or something. For me it was Fran Tarkington. When he retired, I cried purple and gold tears for days. For my son its not that kind of over. Brett Favre will be coming back next season, an announcement that caused him to literally leap for joy while simultaneously high-fiving his brother in mid-air. Brett Favre!

Its just the seasonal over that comes every year as we face months of nothingness.

Mother Nature is not a football fan. No, Mother Nature is in cahoots with our wives and girlfriends, Im sure of it. Why else do you think that the years coldest, most bitter weather arrived the week after the Super Bowl. Theyre sticking it to us, men. Its a giant collective take that!

So now what?

Now what indeed.

Theres a honey do list lurking and theres no place to hide.

Howling at the Moon appears weekly in Denton Publications newspapers. When Mike Mender isnt clinging desperately to his remote, he may be reached via email at mike@denpubs.com

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