Fourth down and six months to go

Now what? Now that the Super Bowl is over and the celebrations have waned; now that the last Dorito has been dipped and the last chicken wing devoured, what now?

The long cold winter is upon us.

Looking out on the bleak frozen landscape, theres no football in sight. Were even getting reruns of all the stupid commercials that debut on Super Bowl Sunday.

So now what?

Theres always golf, I suppose. But Tiger rarely plays and were it not for him, golf would be just another reason to nap, not to imply in any way that a nap is a bad thing. My cat certainly doesnt think so. He naps most of his days away, the nights too and he doesnt seem terribly upset by the prospect.

Perhaps thats what were left to we the Bagel Bite and beverage throng who crowd couches for six months of the year watching football a long winters nap.

I suppose we could take up a winter sport. I was up at Garnet Hill the other day and there were all sorts of people sliding along on skis younger people it seemed to me, or maybe just in better shape. They looked like they were having fun, or at least they faked it well. I wonder if they ever spent six months a year consumed by football?

Somehow I doubt it. I could be wrong. They just didnt look like football people. There were no beer bellies present for one, no pizza paunches, no burrito butts. So how could they be expected to understand the passion of being glued to the couch for an entire season watching nothing but football games, pre-game shows, post-game analyses, not to mention the highlight shows that populate 24/7 any sports network worth its salt?

How could they understand the deep sense of mourning and loss that millions of American men and precious few American women are experiencing this week?

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