To the Editor: Peter Herman, president of the Vermont School Board Association, wrote a good letter-to-the-editor Dec. 18. I agree with him that Act 82 is quite complicated, a first step toward a government take over of the schools and a terrible mistake. The sundry boards are certainly trying to hold down the yearly increases. The problem is that they are constantly making cuts in curriculum while increasing employment and benefits for staff. Currently, the boards are comprised of non-professionals that have no means of receiving the necessary training that will help them become successful as board members. There are, as you know, several lobbing groups such as the Superintendents Association, the National Education Association, and the Vermont School Board Association (VSBA) that are more than happy to give them direction. The democratic process that Herman wrote about requires an informed and involved public and less interference from organized lobbyist. I would like to see the VSBA publicly explain the following: 1. How does one get elected/appointed to the VSBA? 2. Why are there so many presidents and vice presidents in the VSBA? 3. How does one get elected/appointed to the Vermont Board of Education? 4. Why does the state allow the school boards to severely restrict public input at their meetings? 5. Why does the state allow the school boards to violate the sunshine laws? 6. Why does it take one staff member on average for each eleven students? (For example: MAUHS in Bristol has 180 employees and 944 studentsa 5.2 to 1 ratio) R. E. (Dick) Merrill

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