This Week's Review: "This Christmas"

This Christmas I wish for an ill-fated alien invasion. The only way this planet is ever going to survive is if we unite for a common cause. An alien force threatening the very existence of mankind is a hell of a good way to force us together, albeit drastic. (See Independence Day for a defensive game plan.) This Christmas I wish for a little peace (right after the alien invasion, of course). Im tired of reading, watching, and listening to updates on the multitude of wars happening around the world. (Nothing says peace like a viewing of Gandhi.) This Christmas I wish for all paparazzi-infused television shows and magazines to be made illegal. I want to be able to walk through the line at the grocery store and not be inundated with information on the latest Hollywood hook-up or celebrity drunk driver. (Check out The Player, the best film ever made about Hollywood.) This Christmas I wish that everyone who wants to have a baby has one and anyone who doesnt want a child avoids pregnancy. There is no greater gift than a child, and no greater responsibility. (See the new release Juno for a sympathetic look at both sides.) This Christmas I wish that people would stop thinking that having it all is the answer to their problems. People who are truly happy know that happiness is not found in material objects, but is a state of mind developed over time. (See Citizen Kane for a grandiose example of enough never being enough.) This Christmas I wish that everyone would get a sense of humor. Im so tired of sound bites being used to topple the careers of decent people. (See This is Spinal Tap to remember how to laugh at people instead of crucify them.) This Christmas I wish that everyone would recognize the beauty in those who are mentally handicapped. In a society so caught up in perfection, its refreshing to be around people who want nothing from the world but love and acceptance. (See Forrest Gump to experience the perfect human.) This Christmas I wish that everyone would take the time to look into the past so that we dont make the same mistakes in the future. Its amazing how many times mankind can create major historical blunders and then revisit the transgressions. (See Schindlers List to witness the unthinkable.) This Christmas I wish that everyone would spend a little more time fantasizing. Creativity is spawned when we let our minds consider the impossible. (Revisit The Wizard of Oz for the ultimate fantasy ride.) This Christmas I wish that everyone would remember the importance of family. Whether you are close knit or estranged, the holidays are the perfect time to regroup with your brethren and remember where you came from good or bad. (Nothing says family like The Godfather.) This Christmas I wish that people would take the time to appreciate live music. So much of what we hear today is studio fabricated. There is nothing as moving as a live concert involving polished musicians. (Check out The Last Waltz, widely considered the greatest concert film of all time.) This Christmas I wish that more people would take the time to play. I dont care if its with your children or your grandmother, just sit down and play. As we grow older we forget about the joys inherent in playing. (Dust off Toy Story for the ultimate plaything film.) And finally, this Christmas I encourage you to bypass the film new release This Christmas. While it did have several humorous moments and was smartly written, it failed to offer enough of a cohesive storyline to keep me interested. I also have a hard time watching a Christmas movie that doesnt involve any snow (but thats just me). A passable C for This Christmas. Cant decide what to watch?
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Talk To Me

Not every biographical film has to be about a well-known person. Take Talk To Me, the intriguing story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph "Petey" Greene, an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s. Talk To Me follows Peteys rise from unknown prison announcer to superstar DJ. At any other period in American history Petey would have never found a forum for his unique tell it like it is style. However, the turbulent environment of the 1960s was awash with people looking for a voice from the streets. Oscar nominee Don Cheadle portrays Petey with a combination of humor, abrasiveness, and ego. Check this one out if youre curious about the life of the man who paved the way for people like Howard Stern and Don Imus

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