Middlebury enforces zero-idling policy

If you live in Middlebury, dont expect to keep warm in your car while picking up the kiddies at school this winter. Middlebury residents are just starting to figure out the impact of the town's new idle free policy when it comes to the reality of winters chill vs. a warm car. Reactions to the new town policy were mixed downtown. Who are these guys kidding? This is nothing more than a knee-jerk, feel-good reaction to all this global-warming stuff, said L. Jackie Delahunty. It certainly wont change my plans to run my car at home to warm it up for my kids on a cold day. How about we shut off the heat in the Middlebury municipal building? The Middlebury Selectboard was determined to save the planet from disaster when they passed the resolution at a regular meeting held last week. According to a town source, drivers are permitted to idle engines for only three minutes. Ironically, enforcement of the policy appears to be a low priority. The policy seems to be appearance over substance, said Delahunty. The town has now taken political correctness to an absurd extreme. Middlebury school officials have already asked parents and bus drivers to turn off engines. State law requires Vermont school bus drivers to turn off bus engines while waiting for students at school. Middleburys anti-idle policy is less severe than Burlingtons policy where it is already the law. The Queen City enacted an official anti-idle ordinance last month and police are enforcing it. One other Vermont city, Brattleboro, has a policy thats more in line with Middleburys.

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