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The New Year is here and if you are like myself you are marveling at how quickly 2007 passed and are busy making some kind of resolutions for 2008. Let's not be too hard on ourselves, however, and make resolutions we have no way of fulfilling. In my case, I should not say I'm going to swim across Willsboro Bay, or cross country ski at Mt. Van Hovenburg. You get the drift. Make your resolutions doable and perhaps they will get done! The retailers grumbled throughout the season that sales were not where they should be, but every time I went out to the mall or any of the big box stores, they were full. Prices certainly were slashed the last week before Christmas and I can only imagine how inexpensively things can be purchased this week. I hope your returns were few and the lines very short. I'm on the New Year's Eve committee here in our mobile home park, as is my roommate. We do have a gala affair, with a seven-piece band and most of us even stay up until past midnight. For you younguns, this is not such a big deal, but you have to remember that my normal bedtime is 10 p.m.! It is a fun night to get dressed up and enjoy time with our southern friends. Congratulations to Diane Merkel, who was recently named assistant to the provost at Plattsburgh State. Previous to this appointment, Diane was at Clinton Community College. Girl Scout cookie sales begin Jan. 4. All of the revenue collected remains in the area that the cookies were sold and benefits the scouts in those communities. Girl Scouting is a wonderful organization that provides education, travel and social and cultural opportunities for our local girls. My daughter was a Gold Award Scout and carried that on her resume forever and people remained impressed with it. I read where Big Sky is pulling out of Plattsburgh by early January unless they must stay and fly until a replacement carrier is found. This is not good news for the new airport and will mean more work on the horizon for the airport committee. My confidence level is up there and I know that the airport will find another carrier and will grow and grow. Personally, I am so excited to have the ability to fly in and out of our very own region. Stress tests and non-invasive heart procedures have moved to the Miner Medical Arts Building on the CVPH Medical Center campus. When I served on the hospital foundation board I was extremely familiar with the whole center and knew my way around like a pro. The last time I was there I tried to visit Hannah Hanford in the foundation office and couldn't figure out how to get there! A local band, Pure Blue,' has a CD out, "Scratching the Surface." The band's music is jazz and you can pick up one of these CDs at Bob's Music downtown or Border's Bookstore in Champlain Centre Mall. They have playing dates planned for the future watch the papers to go be entertained. I know you are all very busy, but I did put out a query last week concerning the Crown Point Bridge. Should it be replaced or repaired to retain its historic validity? Marb419@aol.com is the e-mail folks let's hear from you! If you are a skier, you must be jumping (or skiing) for joy at the amount of snow on the mountains. My hope is that it remains on the mountains and stays off the roads to keep them safe for travel. If you see my brother, Bill Berman, around the city this week, do tell him hello! He is in the area visiting my mother and my nephew Jeff Berman and his wife, Lisa Burdo Berman is visiting her parents in Plattsburgh. The holidays are over; reality once again steps in with the next holiday more than a month away. Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the winter. I will too, here in the south. Always remember each day is God's gift to you. Make it blossom and grow into a thing of beauty.

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