NFL Picks: Eli Manning doesn't deserve the bad rap for dropping this one

Another Sunday, another drama-filled day of roller-coaster emotions. First, I watched the Jets hang in there for a little while with the Patsies. I never thought theyd actually win, but was happy they at least didnt get blown out.

Then it was Cowgirls/Eagles two of the most hated teams in all of professional sports. Of course, with the standings as they are, I wanted Philly to lose less, if you follow me. It was great to see Romo have an Eli-like day while his talent-less bimbo girlfriend cheered from above.

Despite being repulsed by the team, I have to hand it to Brian Westbrook for one of the smartest plays Ive ever seen. With about two minutes left in the game, Westbrook broke away for a long run, only to stop and down the ball at the one-foot line before scoring. That allowed the Eagles to run out the clock, since Dallas was out of timeouts, eliminating any chance of a miraculous comeback.

Good stuff.

And then things went badly.

The New York Football Giants had another one of THOSE games. I really feel for young Eli Manning; he gets blistered in the press all the time, sometimes rightfully, sometimes not. Hes getting it again this week, when it really wasnt all his fault: His receivers dropped 12 passes, including one by Toomer which would have been a certain touchdown.

Oh, yeah, then Jeremy Shockey breaks his leg. Great.

Big Blue now travels to Buffalo to again try and clinch a playoff spot. Im certain they will prevail, which will make watching the regular season finale against footballs Evil Empire much more enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable: How cool would it be if the Dolphins beat the Patsies this week?

Last week, 11-5 was our top score, with leader John Gereau, Human Resource Manager extraordinaire Brent Vosburg, Tom Boland, Nancy Studnicky, and Kathie LaBombard heading the field. Gereau has a five-game lead with just two weeks left in our little contest. As always, well keep picking through the playoffs, but whoever is on top after the final regular season games are played has bragging rights.

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