Well, I am back from DC and my valorous attempt to find $5 million for a sewer (did you ever notice that someone who uses a sewing machine is also called a sewer?) system for the Essex hamlet. After contacting two Congressional Finance Committees offices and talking to their chief council (for 5 minutes) I found out that no money is forthcoming until Congress passes a spending bill which is not on the 2007 horizon. Well, seeing that Congressional salaries need a spending bill that should not be too far along the way, unless Congress just passes a bill to pay their salaries. Anyone want to guess what Congress will do? Now for important news. Starting January 31 next year everyone trying to get into Canada will need either a passport or a birth certificate. New York State will issue a new drivers license which, I am told will not happen until late in 2008. Nexus holders are OK. In even more important news, Brian Burke should get an apology from DNC for not showing up Saturday. Cause that doing something,wont get one, but should. In further important news, Jonathon McBride called from DC and told me that I mispelled obsuforgationaryisticenessism. Some nerve, he couldnt even say the word, but neither can I. Even more importantly, he threatened to write a letter of complaint to Whitney. The storm lost all Methodist church members a chance to hear John Carrick talk about his mission experiences in Paraguay. Incidentally, John still needs some financial support, so please help by contacting Daddy Tom Carrick I have started a matching grant for Johns support of $50.00, so every dollar up to that Amount will cause me to shriek in my cheap bones. Special congratulations to our Town crew for outstanding road work during the storm. I dont know how they do it with four employees. Keeps the news coming. EH?

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