Chestertown town board notes

CHESTERTOWN Like a Verizon Network commercial, a crowd of over 20 silent supporters stood at the back of the room at the Town of Chester regular board meeting Dec. 11. Board members were not sure what issue they had come for. But it all became clear when resident Larry Warner gave an impassioned plea to the town to enforce its laws on developers obligations. When he finished, the crowd filed out behind him without a word. The issue of an unfinished road in the Timber Lodge Estate sub-division had been examined at the Sept. 11 Board meeting. At that time it was tabled to executive session. In response to the question of its status by Warner, board members and the town attorney said that the issue was not dead, but was not as cut and dried as Warner thought. They took umbrage at the insinuation that the town has a problem with all enforcement issues. Warner, who lives on the unfinished road that the developer has not completed, is concerned about emergency vehicles, not to mention his own, getting through. It turned out that no one had come to speak at the continued public hearing on the proposed new burn ban for the town. Board members voted 4-1 (Mike Packer being the one dissenter) to outlaw the outdoor burning of garbage and rubbish (plastics, diapers, rubber, food etc.). Enforcement will be done by the zoning officer upon written complaints with fines of $250 for each occurrence. This new law will be effective as soon as it filed with the state. It was announced that Gary Clark, Superintendent of Highways, was given the Conservationist of the Year Award by the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District. He has worked with them closely on environmental issues in his job on highways. A septic tank variance (Elgin system to replace an old one) on the Layton property on Clarkson Road was discussed. A public hearing will be 7 p.m. Jan. 8 before the regularly scheduled board meeting for this variance. Departing board member Frank Shaw took the occasion to remind board members and the audience that there would not be so many requests for variances if people were not trying to build too-large houses on lake lots intended for small, seasonal camps only. He hopes all will try to stem this tide. Finally, a new 24-condominium sub-division is being planned along River Road on the Hudson across from North Creek. Developers have to set up two transportation companies to pipe water and sewage for the homeowners association for the development. There is no cost to the town for this. However, the vote was tabled due to incomplete paperwork. The 2008 organizational meeting for Town Board members will be Jan. 3 at 7 p.m. when new board member Steve Durkish will be sworn and other planning matters dealt with.

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