Backward Glances

After a phone chat with the local #2 Giants fan,( I'm number one!) who wishes to remain anonymous, I decided to put pen to paper and fire up this column again. (Aforesaid is now Plant Manager at Denton) Folks havebeen asking why I haven't written in awhile, and Ihave no answer. Kinda' thought the column had burned out and folks needed a rest from the incessant blather, yet it seems that they enjoy reminiscing with me and get a kick out of my "bagging" a few of my cronies now and again.. Turn the page please.. Somebody please fix the weather. Am sitting here itching to go ice-fishing, but the temperatures keep playing a roller-coaster game. Over the years, I've been thru' the ice three times, but only up to my chest. You haven't lived until you've dunked in ice-water a few miles from any source of heat or shelter. Building a pondside fire when your teeth are sending Morse Code, and you're talking high soprano put a bit of a blight on a guy's day. (Big Bad Luck Pond with Dick Villeneuve, father of local outdoorsman, Rick Villeneuve. Got too close to a beaver lodge; hence the cold baptism, circa 1965). I swim almost every day in Summer and late Fall, and enjoy cold water, but not with snowshoes and packbasket attached. Use a sled now, and tow the gear behind me. At any rate, be careful out there and work the weather a bit if you will. Move on please. The Ski Bowl renovation is progressing along. If they keep at it, they'll have it almost as busy as it was in the 50's. Some of you out there probably miss the Ridge, Oak Ridge, Rabbit Pond, and Hudson Trails. I've always missed the bit "air-time" we got at the big dip on Ridge, and the last hill of Hudson. Outside of actual ski-jumping there's no greater feeling of flying than those long flights, except maybe the freedom that Editor Nancy O'Brien enjoys when she freefalls after leaving a plane that's still functioning perfectly. I'm giving her kudos for her daring!! At least she isn't strapped to a hang-glider as I was eons ago, whereas she has complete freedom of flight. Shuffle along if you will. For you folks out there looking for a diversion of an afternoon, drop by John and Noel Harvery's North Creek Deli on a Saturday about 12:30. We have a great conglamoration of misfits, ragbags, stump jumpers, and ner'-do-wells, attempting to compose ourselves into a country/Bluegrass musical unit. We've actually been told that we're pretty good, and even if we're not, we have a lot of fun. Banjos, guitars, fiddles, stand-up-bass, Dobros, thimbles, spoons and some singers that are really gifted. I ain't one of them; tried singing awhile ago, and the crows were gone for three weeks! So c'mon down; it's a real "thrash".. Will detail this gathering at more length in the future. Slide along please. Missed archery season this year, as the other-half and I went across Canada again, and dropped into South Dakota, where we were invited to attend a PowWow at Saint Joseph's Indian School in Chanberlain. A beautiful three days there, enjoying the traditional rituals that these very accomplished Native American children displayed. Onward to Yellowstone, always our favorite, then down to Zion National Park, across the midwest southern states, arriving home just after bow season ended. (After almost 8000 miles of encapsulation in our vehicle, ask me if we were overjoyed upon entering the Adirondacks!) It worked out well though, as my new longbow, custom made by Byron and son, Zach Ferguson, arrive a few days later. (Being a traditional archer, I was hardly able to stand it, as I sent feathered sticks into the target from this "velvety" smooth functioning masterpiece. Now, maybe next year, if local magistrate, Jim French, doesn't nail all of them before I get a chance!! Did save a lot of energy this year, having missed the season, but did you know that the fellow who lives in the first house on the right on River Road, (Town of Chester), didn't get a buck either. So, in essence, we're tied.. It never lets up.. Gotta' run; am late for deadline, and dread the flogging that Denton's Plant Manager will inflict upon my person. Have a joyous and safe Holiday, and we'll see you out there...

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