The economics of global warming

To the editor: Would global warming just make temperate latitudes tropically comfortable? Is investing against it risky? Its counterintuitive: maybe no global warming exists. Maybe warmings inundation really does take comfortable eons - not one calamitous summer. Yes, loss is imaginable once invested against it, in thousands of wind turbines, large and high as conceivable. Given slow change, wed be still relatively unscathed though. Thered still be taxability left to recompense those unfortunate benefactors. Does that risk eclipse status quos consequences, assuming climatologists unreassuring warnings accurate? Suppose their decades carefully studying both Earths climate history and climate/atmospheric-chemistrys effects on other planets temperatures bear truth. Assume ignored, these conclusions discrediting familiar historical climates perpetuity, but recognizing brewing disaster found typical of the Universe (therefore Earth) since deep prehistory, under the atmospheric composition were developing. Then political postponement of energy infrastructure change eventually lets continental glaciers meltwater descend, in Niagara-dwarfing torrents, irreversibly raising oceans 20-40 feet in one summer, as climatologists now cautiously accept. Will we protest, that "Who could have predicted ... ?" Well, experts did. Affecting economics: seaports always need water-levels proximity for ship/shore cargo transfers. Dockage would lastingly submerge below usable levels. Would seawalls help? Katrina showed water would seep beneath, forcing continual pumping lest enclosed docksides become very wide (unintended) saltwater well bottoms. Power failure would devastate. Building enough height against overtopping might impede operations. Water would seek its own level, drowning seaports worldwide. Global finances would strain, if able, to relocate all ports and infrastructure. Waiting would paralyze most intercontinental shipping. Being global, wouldnt most manufacturing dissipate? Could most world industrial societys prosperity survive that? Even: most Chevrolet - or most wind turbine, or nuclear reactor - parts now originate outside North America. Hardly any manufactured product now arises solely within any continent. Production lulls would occur where parts output shifts onto land masses of ultimate usage - i.e. North America, for goods assembled or serviced here. Without production, demand will remain, raising prices. Wouldnt former British Prime Minister Tony Blairs forewarned worldwide depression dwarfing the 1930's result? Idle production defaults on taxes. How comfortable would we be if: though definitely warm, were mostly jobless and starving, only drawing rapidly inflating welfare dollars? Mildly put: we wouldnt be undamaged. Whats more credible: peer reviewed climatologists near-unanimous, well informed, level-headed, but complex admonitions, or wishfully predicting "blissful simplicity", passively awaiting harmful changes spontaneous relief, sometime? Heeding experts carries hope. We can forestall the climate emergency, maybe to reversal. David E. Manwell

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