NFL Picks: The game I love to hate

I hate that I love football. Last Sunday Im driving home after a pleasant family holiday get-together, listening to the beginning of the Giants game on the radio, getting just a bit anxious about how things were going. I got home at half time, and was pleased to see Big Blue rallying to take the lead over Philly. Of course, several tense moments ensued at the end of the game, as the Eagles made a desperate attempt to force overtime, only to have a 57-yard field goal attempt doink off the goal post.

As usual, my phone started ringing immediately with fellow Giants fans basking in another victory.

Then the Fox Network ruined the moment. They switched over to the Dallas/Detroit game just as the Cowgirls make a touchdown to win another game they should have lost. I didnt even get five minutes to enjoy the Jints win.

Still, Im obviously pleased my team keeps winning. Also pleasing was my second decent picking week in a row, this time with a 14-2 record. Alas, several other folks tied that, and Ryan Sherwood bested everyone with a near-perfect 15-1 Week 14.

John Gereau remains in first place, but I nearly used my executive privilege to remove him from competition: The so-called Giants fan picked the Eagles to win! I have submitted a formal request to Commissioner Goodell to revoke his Giants Fan ID card, and suggested John reflect on the err of his ways before he starts picking the Red Sox over the Yankees next year.

The NFL season spreads out beginning this week by adding a Saturday game to its Thursday/Sunday line-up. Unfortunately, its Cincinnati vs. San Francisco.

The big game of the week has to be Sundays Buffalo at Cleveland match-up as both teams are fighting for their playoff lives. Against my better judgment, Im taking the Bills, strictly out of friendship for Dan Alexander Jr. Ive known some pretty avid football fans, but this guy takes the cake. In fact, I hear he has a room in his house dedicated to Scott Norwood with Laces Out scrawled all over the walls.

Tom Henecker is plant manager at Denton Publications. He can be reached at tom@denpubs.com

Tom's Week 15 picks
Houston 20, Denver 13 Cincinnati 23, San Francisco 10 New Orleans 17, Arizona 14 Tampa Bay 26, Atlanta 9 Baltimore 28, Miami 3 Buffalo 27, Cleveland 24 Green Bay 23, St. Louis 17 Pittsburgh 21, Jacksonville 20 New England 52, Jets 6 Seattle 20, Carolina 10 Tennessee 14, Kansas City 13 Indianapolis 38, Oakland 13 San Diego 24, Detroit 10 Dallas 9, Philadelphia 6 GIANTS 28, Washington 10 Minnesota 24, Chicago 13

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