Hello everyone from Washington DC, the Southern branch of the DNC. I can't tell you my name except to say that I am a special Ast. Secretary at the Defense Dept in charge of peaceful negotiations. You can imagine,therefore, that I am a natural for membership in the DNC since that is exactly what I have done for the past 23 years. Every Tuesday, a group of Essex people who have subscribed to get first class delivery of the Valley News get together to discuss the Essex column. Now we don't understand it all that often, but one of our group, J. McBride, whose background seems to lend itself to understanding obsuforgationaryisticnessism always translates for us. We have a spirited conversation with several members awake some of the time and each session ends with a vow never to meet again.This week we had invited Jim LaForest to talk to us but he never arrived. A call to Essex on Pearl Harbour day revealed that the Xmas in Essex Days was a humongous success..no one was upset at anyone. The Church bazarr was indeed and so many people motored around that toxic fumes invaded the Hamlet. Well not everyone had toxic fumes because we now have three hybrids( I mean the car variety) in town. Oh, we understand that the LaForest car was in DC, but no one ever saw them. The reason we know that Jim was around was that some members heard that some strange guy was "Up on the Hill" talking about getting money to build a septic system that won't upset anyone not living in the town full time. Lotsa luck Jim.

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