All About Toy Safety

With the holidays approaching, families have been shopping for some information about how to make sure the toys they buy for their children are safe. I got in touch with my good friend Santa for some help on this one, and he has shared some toy safety tips that will make this a joyful season for everyone. First, make sure you read the toys label before buying it. That way youll know how age-appropriate the toy is. You will also learn if adult supervision is recommended, if any assembly is required, and whether the toy is free of toxins or chemicals, such as lead. The younger your child is, the bigger the toys parts should be, in order to prevent choking. Toys that shoot projectiles are also choking hazards and can cause eye injuries. Be sure to avoid toys that make loud or shrill noises, which can cause hearing damage, and check that the toy is sturdy by examining joints, seams, and edges. All painted toys need to be lead-free, and make sure you check that the battery compartment is fastened with a screw, instead of a simple latch; small batteries are not only toxic, but can be a choking hazard as well. Crib toys should not have strings or wires longer than 12 inches, so there is no danger that your child can get caught and strangle themselves. When looking for a toy chest, make sure you find one that has locking supports, safe hinges, and ventilation holes. The best toy chest is one with no lid, so your child wont get trapped inside. Finally, make sure you visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission Web site at www.cpsc.gov , to see if the toys youre considering have been recalled. As to what toys do I recommend, please make sure you choose toys based on the developmental level of your child. They dont need to be expensive, just safe and appropriate for your son or daughters physical and mental abilities. A book is always a great gift for a child at any age, and your childs doctor can make other suggestions as well. Hopefully, tips like this will wrap up any concerns you have when it comes to giving your child safe toys this year. Happy shopping!

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