Abstinence is the answer

To the editor: My friends and I were grieved to read the Nov. 17 article, "Local Planned Parenthood calls for end to abstinence-only federal funding." Concerned Women for American asked me to pray for Plattsburgh Planned Parenthood; no wonder! When I was in school, no one had to tell us that abstinence-only is the right way. It's terrible to tell youngsters that they have the option to sin and try to cover it up with "protection." One girl told me that she felt dirty after going all the way with her boyfriend. Your "protection" doesn't deal with feelings like that. Sixth-graders told me that something is wrong with a girl that's still a virgin. They were shocked when I told them that I am a virgin and very glad to be one. I am happy and satisfied in our Lord Jesus Christ. This article shows how low this country has sunk. Mildred G. Hall

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