Young author hosts signing for new book

PLATTSBURGH Many hours of writing and revision after revision have come to fruition for Annette Liem as her first book Wrath: A Princes Piece, sold out at Saturdays book signing at Borders book store at Champlain Centre. The 15-year-old Plattsburgh author has spent the last three years developing the 232-page fantasy novel, which was finally published in August. Wrath is a fantasy which takes place in real-life Plattsburgh, with the storys main character, Ettenna Meil Annettes name spelled backwards fashioned after Annette herself. In the book, Ettenna and her friend, Peter, leave middle school for the last time but are summoned to the fantasy world of Drian by a messenger from the country of Klanou, where an evil Queen Eleyon has enslaved the population of humans and half-elves. The book itself is fashioned after the seven deadly sins, said Annette, and centers on the constant struggle between the forces of good and evil. The book was an overall hit with the crowd last Saturday, as Borders sold out of the remaining copies of her book within an hour. That, and the attention she receives because of her book, are two things the Plattsburgh High School sophomore didnt expect. Im pretty excited, Annette said. All my friends are really happy for me. Annettes father, Anthony Liem, spoke with great pride of his daughters accomplishment of being the first-generation author in the Liem family. Its amazing. She wrote a whole book, Mr. Liem said with a smile. We always ask her for advice, to check the spelling and the grammar. It hasnt sunk in yet, but we are very proud of her, said Annettes mother, Annawati Liem. Annette has been surrounded by books her entire life. Her mother worked in the childrens room of the Plattsburgh Public Library when Annette was younger. Mrs. Liem would bring her to the library regularly where the future author would find her love for the written word. Among Annettes influences is fellow young fantasy author Christopher Paolini, who is best known for his first book, Eragon, which was later developed into a major motion picture. She noted shes also a fan of author J.K. Rowling, famous for her creation of the Harry Potter series, and Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series. Upon her graduation of high school, Annette said she plans to attend medical school in Germany. A member of the PHS German American Partnership Program, in which PHS students travel abroad to learn the German culture, Annette feels the experience will help prepare her for her goal. Before that happens, however, Annette said she has plans to finish a sequel to Wrath in which a deadly sin rears its ugly head, leading Ennetta and her band of friends to again save the world. For those would-be, could-be young authors out there, Annette has a few words of advice. Just keep reading. Reading equals writing, said Annette. And never give up, no matter what. Keep on writing. Due to the popularity of Annettes first book signing, Borders book store will host a second signing with the author next Sunday, Dec. 16, from 2-4 p.m. In addition to Borders, Wrath: A Princes Piece can be found on-line at www.amazon.com for $15.95.

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