Wind vs. other energy

To the Editor: Oils price never stops trending upward, climbing every winter; dipping every summer driving season, but never down to previous summer's levels. Nearly allclimatologists agree that, by increasing atmospheric carbon ion, continuing fossil-fuel's combustion increases heat retention, accelerating global heating. Although oil provides little electricity, most transportation energy is still oils. With growing world demand exceeding capacity, America is exploring electric-powered transportation (like gasoline/electric plug-in automobiles). Electricity production would need expansion. Increasing it through coal, itself fossil-fuel, would further accelerate acid rain and global heating. Acid rain kills trees. Living trees absorb carbon ions greatest carrier, carbon dioxide. Nuclear fission doesnt produce global heating or acid rain. But, its byproduct, radioactive Plutonium 239ions, can enter our bodies through air or water,reside insideus, wildly flinging DNA-smashing neutron-radiation from within, causing mutations including cancer. Disposal/storage safetys doubtful: Nevadas dry Yucca Mountain has been proposed; Nevada objects. Every 24,000 years, only halfthePlutonium 239in existence completely succombs to naturalradioactive decay.Regardless how treated chemically, it remains, doing its thing. Can we safeguard it long enough? Even maintain the USA that long? Thats a big chunk of our modern human species, seldom harmonious, history. Many naturally watered regions were once deserts. Would Yuccas drought last? Higher mountains to its windward, now catch rainfall, leaving the air drywhen reaching Yucca. Over such geological time spans, these higher windward mountains' rainfall will erode them down -- eventually below Yucca Mt., exposingit to rain.Any radioactive materials still stored there would become wet, letting some dissolve and escape into groundwater and/or rivers. Initially undetectable to any people downstream, some of this could be consumed. In transportation, films show containers "surviving" a perfectly symmetrical crash. But asymmetrical impacts or rollovers happen too. Biofuels consume food. Photovoltaics needsunlight. Vegetation needs sunlight too, and can sequester carbon. PV would shade it, hampering growth. Wind needs no food, tolerates darkness, causes no cancer, mutations, toxic emissions, acid rain, or global heating. Wind can displace PV, biofuels, oil, coal, or nuclear fission. Each additional operating wind turbinefurther retards planetary heatings progress. Deploying enough will begin cooling us back toward stable, pre-heating levels. Each wind-farmer and welcoming neighbor deserves honor for Earths rescue. David E. Manwell

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