Town plans for future but change can be tough

WARRENSBURG Warrensburg Supervisor Kevin Geraghty said he is still working on his goals and has made some progress in his first two years in office. Geraghty said the town is working on a new comprehensive plan to help steer it in the right direction in the future. To that end, he said that the town has applied for $50,000 from the Adirondack Park Community Smart Growth Grant program, that is designed to help towns grow economically while conserving natural resources. That money is for planning, and there are no strings attached, Geraghty said. The comprehensive planning committee need help, he said, as only a handful of people have been attending the meetings. We need consultants to help us map the demographics, and the resources we have and help us with a plan, he said. We need to control our own destiny. A separate grant for waterfront revitalization has been applied for as well. Town board members approved $30,000 in 2008 and $30,000 in 2009 to match that grant, which will go towards planning the best way to conserve and improve waterfront areas in town. If we dont get the grant, we wont spend the $30,000 each year, Geraghty said. That $30,000 will be paid for partly with in-kind services as well. Geraghty said that the towns sewer districts are being studied with the future in mind as well. In 2005, some people in the Library Avenue area came and asked for an expansion of the sewer system, Geraghty said. At that time, the town board did a study that concluded there were not enough people in the district to justify an expansion. Some people in that area have their own septic systems and dont want to have to pay for the expansion, he said. The same group approached the new board asking again for an expansion and the board went out and found a grant for $25,000 to study the sewage treatment plant. Geraghty said that plant has to have enough capacity to handle any expansion, which is an issue when looking to the future. Were pretty close to capacity now, Geraghty said. Work is also continuing on the development of condominiums along the Schroon River in town, which would also add to the plants load. Town board member John Alexander said that project is a big shot in the arm for the town. We need to plan for the future, and if were going to have more development, were going have to expand that sewage treatment plant,Alexander said. Geraghty said that he has spoken to Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrands office about getting an earmark request to help pay for a new plant. Weve applied for grants wherever they are available, he said. Geraghty said that the towns web site, townofwarrensburg.net, will soon have town board meeting minutes along with other information on whats happening in Warrensburg.

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