MAUHS budget

To the Editor At a special meeting on Nov. 27, the officers of the Union school district 28 were able to convince a small group of voters to approve an expenditure of 125K that might possibly have failed if it was incorporated in the general budget. The resulting cost will now become encumbered into the whole MAUHS budget presented to the voters in March. Recouping this loss in March will be impossible and any necessary cuts will likely have to be made in staff or curriculum areas. Expenditures of this type should have been postponed and become a part of the principals budget and subject to the scrutiny of all of the five town district voters at their regular town meetings in March rather then by the 22 people, 11 of which were board members that were aware of and voted at this special meeting. The principal has not yet been given an opportunity to present her budget to the board and already they are bypassing her and micro managing the maintenance department as well as other fiscal aspects of her office. While telling her that she must make serious cuts in education to prevent the school from having to pay a penalty for over spending under acts 68 and 82, they are attempting to sabotage her budget with numerous un-necessary purchases. Recently they have proposed spending for electricity for new street lights, an additional janitor, lobby cameras and now this transformer. The boards treatment of the principal on these issues is not fair to her, the students, the teachers or especially the taxpayers. In a letter to the editor, referring to the Act 82 spending cap recently passed by the Vermont legislature, William J. Mathis, superintendent of the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, states: this flawed law is structured in such a way that it actually does provide such a perverse incentive (to pad the budget), the ANESU union and the MAUHS boards do not have any qualms about taking such an action and plucking more feathers from the golden goose. R. E. Merrill

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