April 15, 1958 - Nov. 29, 2007 The Town of Essex Planning Board has recently developed an online program of required forms, an overview of the Zoning Ordnance and other necessary forms for use by applicants. It can be found at the Towns web site, www.essexnewyork.com . When you access that site, click on either news or Town Government and access a link to the Planning Board site which will also enable access to its meeting minutes and other land use laws. You can also contact Chairperson Joan Stephan at planningboard@willex.com . The Looby family of Wadhams recently motored from their house to the Rossis. Other motoring news will not follow. Just put in this bit to see if anyone is reading. The Whallonsburg Civic Association recently met at the Grange Hall to reorganize itself and will begin to provide active projects for the Town. Several organizations have already requested use of the facility. In other Grange news, a monthly series of Square and Round dances will be held at the Grange. Gary Finney will be the initiating band and caller beginning in January. These affairs have been funded, in part, by a grant from the Arts Council of the Northern Adirondacks. More news with actual starting dates will follow. Heat will be provided. A member of the Town Board will be visiting Congressional Offices to try to stir the funding pot. Cant mention this persons name because he gets enough press coverage as it is. Speaking of Press coverage did you hear that another front page article about the DNC is not planned. The uproar for equal treatment certainly killed the whole affair. Incidentally the uproar was created by a single concerned citizen who, it appears, also called the DEC over transfer site burning. Now, lets wait for this person to come up with a solution for disposing our leaves and twigs.

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