New book of exotic recipes, art and stories

BOLTON LANDING Kelly Baker has flown to exotic places all over the planet as a Federal Express pilot and she has published a book full of recipes, poetry, art and stories. Called Breaking Bread for Peace, the book makes a statement for peace. The idea is to bring mindfulness to our meal, or bring us into a place of consideration for other people who may have a reason to celebrate at a specific time. Originally, Baker was going to call her book the Intercultural Holiday Peace Book, with the idea of making us all familiar with other cultures holidays and traditions. Were all here, and were all similar, and I see this as a way to connect. Breaking Bread for Peace contains recipes seldom seen in traditional cookbooks. Try out the Aztec umitas, a corn-based dish wrapped and steamed in leaves, or samosas from Pakistan, a deep fried pastry with spicy potatoes. From Saipan, there is a recipe for kelagurin, a chicken and coconut dish, and aubergine farce, a Belgian eggplant casserole. I also went back in time, and theres a recipe from our grandfathers who ate from a chuckwagon, she said. The project is also a fund-raiser for a Native American Pre-natal program 1,2,3...Hi Baby! in Pine Ridge South Dakota, where conditions are quite bad. Its a program for women, babies and kids who have almost nothing, she said. Theyre quite impoverished, and I have a friend who is working with them out there. Fred Cedarface is the founder of the 1,2,3...Hi Baby! program, which covers a reservation of 3,500 square miles with an unemployment rate of 80 - 90 percent. Breaking Bread for Peace also has poetry and stories from contributors both domestic and from around the world. Baker has some of her own artwork in the book, along with other contributors. It has discussions of life, Baker said. One anecdote is about World War II when the Japanese and local civilians were hiding in caves in Saipan. My grandfather was an American soldier, trying to kill the enemy in those caves, Baker said. She learned that one of her co-workers is the child of one of the civilians hiding in the caves at the same time. Its a statement against war and for life, she said. Breaking Bread for Peace is available through lulu.com, the self-publishing web site that Baker used.

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