Holiday decorations require hard work

To the Times of Ti: What is Christmas? Many things to many people. A holiday. A time to eat good food. A time to meet and get re-acquainted with old friends. A family time. A time of reflection. And to some...just another ordinary day. But , it is all of that and more to our family in Schroon Lake. We are the Messings...Ronnie and Lori. Weve made Schroon Lake our home for the past 19 years. My husband and I have had our children here. Two beautiful girls, Kristine and Tiffany. To them it is the only home theyve ever known. And even though my husband and I originally come from Long Island, Schroon Lake has become our home as well. For us Christmas is a time of wonder and celebration. I think many of you who know us can vouch for sure that there is no shortage to our belief that Christmas time brings out that little child in all of us. As I sit here and write this I am thinking about one other thing. Commitment and hard work. I know, maybe odd things to be thinking of by the tone of this editorial. But, as I think of those two things...commitment and hard work...I am thinking of one thing. My husband. For the past 19 years, I have watched Ron work very hard to make a wonderful Christmas light display that this year has grown to some 18,000 lights. Yes, we have become known around these parts as the Griswolds of Schroon Lake. People have addressed their Christmas cards to us as The Griswolds. Other people have joked with us that they will up their stock in National Grid during November and December, because theyll be sure to double their investment. I have even been asked as early as mid-September by some of the local school children if we were going to be putting up our lights. But, all kidding aside, Ive watched my husband go out in the beginning of November, sometimes in some terribly cold weather and begin the painstakingly slow task of setting up the display. Sometimes weve worked together as a family with each one of us having our own job, yes and that includes checking and sometimes re-checking each and every individual bulb. And sometimes, most often than not, especially this year, Ive watched Ron go out by himself, taking each string of lights and hanging them , no matter how frustrating it can get. We store everything in our basement so that is countless times up and down the stairs. Countless times up and down the extension ladder. Add patience along with commitment and hard work. Sometimes it seems as though he might want to give up and not continue. Sometimes hes even considered not even putting them up. Yet every year on Thanksgiving night, there we are, Ron, myself, our two girls, and sometimes, our neighbors and friends out on the front lawn admiring the result of his patience, commitment and hand work...drum rolls included. And yes, Thats where the wonder and celebration of Christmas comes to life for us. All of our real family, parents, siblings and our nieces and nephews reside down on Long Island so I guess he wanted to make Christmas extra special for See MESSING, page 14 us. I dont always say it but I wish to let him know that I am thankful and deeply appreciative. It takes Ronnie just about two weeks of almost all of his spare time to complete the display. I respect him for that considering the fact that he works a full time job also. Sometimes he will work from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., come home and work until dark to finish it up. Patience, commitment and hand work. He never does it for any other reason but for us and others in and around our community to enjoy. For us it isnt about winning contests or impressing people. For us, we agree, that if our display can rekindle the wonder and celebration of the season for just one person every year than all of Rons patience, commitment, hand work...and yes... sometimes even frustration has paid off. We try to have our lights on every night between Thanksgiving and New Year for just about two hours each night, so if you happen to be out and about I invite you to come and see what my husband has achieved. It is truly Christmas eye candy that is filled with Christmas wonder. It will fill your heart with Childlike enthusiasm. Lori Messing
Schroon Lake

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