Healthy competition

Another campaign season has come to an end! It was a personally rewarding experience that I am pleased to have had. Elections are a lot of work, expense and very time consuming. Candidates must be willing to place their life up to public scrutiny and subject their views and opinions to debate. Its an opportunity to serve the community and mold the future. Competition is good and an energized challenge can surface new ways to solve old problems. A good door-to-door campaign also provides a process for the community to share its needs and interests. The end of the election season is quickly followed by Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season. The months of November and December will be filled with family gatherings and sharing memories of past holidays. We will reflect on events in our lives and the coming New Year will be anticipated with hope for good health, peace and success. I believe that this is generally true for individuals, families and organizations. It is also true for municipalities. After all, Municipalities are really groups of people and like any family they take on many of the same needs and emotions. Families must take care of each other, make good decisions and manage their affairs wisely. Its difficult for an individual or family to be successful independent of others and that is also true for a municipality. We must work with other municipalities and government agencies to achieve our success. We must be a steward of our limited resources and make good short-term decisions that are considerate of the future. We need to provide services for our current constituents while we invest and plan for future needs. As I begin the next four years, I look forward to the challenges that will come my way and the task of managing our Towns resources for my family and yours. The opportunity to have time to build my team and implement long-range plans will not be treated lightly. I will continue to work to maintain the current open door policy and remain available and accessible to all. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported my reelection effort this year and best wishes for a great holiday season!

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