Child sexual abuse

To the Editor: Frank Stanleys recent letter citing delays in instituting available programs to help reduce child sexual abuse in Vermont is right on the money. The true count of incidents of predation may never fully be known but, speaking of money, one major and valuable source continues to flout state laws regarding child sexual abuse reporting, thus helping to protect its hefty bottom line. Planned Parenthood, not content to zip off an abortion on a minor without following their own pre-abortion counseling protocols, releases these traumatized children with no post-procedure follow-up, medical, social or psychological. These performers of this medical procedure on minors without parental notification consistently refuse to follow the law which obligates their operativesas are teachers, volunteers, librarians and most others who work with childrento report potential abuse to DCF. This Big Business knows that the impregnators of under-sixteen-year-olds have committed, at the least, statutory rape; at worst, actual rape or incest. But, under the cover of protecting the clients anonymity, PPA obviates any concern for their patient/victims in order to keep the customers coming in the doors. Presenting a public facade of concern for women, these abortionists turn away from what is legally right and morally imperative: informing those agencies capable of redeeming some of the loss of personhood, sense of well being, and self-esteem these children have experienced -- even before the abortion that there is a minor child in need of post-traumatic counseling. With child sexual abuseor at least our knowledge of sameon the rise, why have state officials and legislators given the nudge-nudge, wink-wink to Planned Parenthood and other abortionists to ignore one of the most important and simple pro-child requirements: the reporting of suspected [read: probable] sexual abuse of minors? If a teacher left such suspicions unreported and that omission were brought to light, there would be prosecution, fines, possible lawsuit and probable termination. So whom in our states government and bureaucracy does Planned Parenthood have in their pocket? Who is failing to help prevent further abuse of these children by letting the abortionists pitiless mercenary treatment of the young continue unabated? Sens. Ayers and Giard; Reps. Maier, Jewett, Clark, Oxholm, Fisher, Sharpe, Bray, and Stevens; and Gov. Douglas: Your answers to why the laws of the State of Vermont are not being enforced in these blatantly unreported cases of child sexual abuse would be not only appropriate, but might be considered by parents and those who respect the law to be obligatory. David H. Millson
New Haven

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