Anthony Sapienza Sleeps With The Fishes!

I love kids, and in the business, I get an opportunity to meet a lot of them. Sure, there are a few problem kids of the unrolling-all-the-toilet-paper-in-the-mens-room-and-stuffing-it-down-the-toilet variety, but the majority are just a joy to be around. Like Ritchie & John who recently brought me a big bag of my favorite candy -- Nerds. (You are what you eat and all that.) Or my new buddies from out of town whose mom wishes them to remain anonymous because they taught me how to make disgusting sounds by blowing into my armpit through a drinking straw.

When you're making food for kids -- particularly young kids and usually when it's food that they might not be familiar with -- presentation can be everything. If the kids don't feel comfortable, they're more likely to reject a new experience. If they're distracted or entertained, they may eat enough to find out they love it before they remember to protest.

So I thought it would be a great idea to stick in a feature that will help keep my younger guests entertained. With that in mind, we set up a 75-gallon fish tank which, when complete, will feature a garden of live plants, colorful fish, and natural stone. I might even add some live bearing fish so the kids can watch the offspring grow during their visits. The only thing unnatural in this new aquarium is a Creature From The Black Lagoon aerator, possibly because I'm too much of a kid myself not to put something goofy in there.

Weve had a great response to the new tank even though its virtually empty, save for a few small plants, some small schooling zebra danios and, of course, The Creature. Kids are excited by it, but adults tend to find watching the fish more of a relaxing experience. Some even find it bringing back memories.

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