Do y'all remember the Hoot shows

I dont think it was the nakedness or the beauty of the girls (It definitely wasnt the beauty of the girls), that pumped my blood so, I think it was the danger and possibility that I might turn around and be staring straight face to face with my local church pastor (Didnt happen but it probably has). It was bad enough when I got a little older and went to a Hoot show with some of my construction bosses, who were married, and whom I looked up to, and saw that they were all too familiar with the rewards being in the front row and rubbing the edge of the stage could bring. After witnessing what took place in the Hoot tent between the gals and my bosses, I never took their orders quite as definite as I had before Id known them to be such willing showman.

But alas there are no more Hoot shows to be found in any of the Vermont fairs. Poor young 14 and 15 year old fellers have to settle with being excited by multi-movement truck snow plows, and pig races, and corndogs, and boring ridiculous stuff like all of that.

It really is unbelievable to think that a short time ago on the mid-way at our beloved urban Champlain Valley Fair, there were Hoot show gals scantily clad and all hangin' on poles on a rickety seven foot long two-foot wide stage, singing and a swaying to music from an A.M. transistor radio, smiling at boys young and old, right in front of the wife, grandma, grand pappy, and the rest of the kids. Could you imagine that happening now? Could you imagine what uproar a Hoot show would cause here in the year 2007? Men would go astray and entire families would be ripped apart. Those nasty Hoot show broads stumbling around in front of the town folk would infest among us all the worst kind of ill one can possibly continue to operate within a respectable life with. Hoot shows would wreck our society before noon on opening day. Seeing Hoot shows at the fair in these modern days of the year 2007, with all their sex and putrid, sick, messed up visions of odd never thought of deviant ways, would stop life here in our serene lovely Vermont dead in its tracks.

I for sure think its much better that we stay home half drunk and watch all that stuff on TV.

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