Do y'all remember the Hoot shows

Long gone are the Hoot shows and with them a 14 year old boys off the charts excitement at going to the Fair with his 17 year-old neighbor buddy who swears he can get them both behind the curtain and in to see his first real live naked girl. Its a shame its gone too because I want to tell you thats excitement. Thats the kind of excitement that to an early teen boy makes loosening one training wheel and still staying upright seem like pickin daisies.

I remember my first Hoot show. It was at the Champlain Valley Fair (Yup, they had them, Im not wrong, you think I am, but Im not, your beloved Champlain Valley Fair had Hoot shows and good ones, look it up, or go to Borders and ask to see a book about Hoot shows cause theres a photo in that book from the Champlain Valley Fair dated I think, 1975, trust me), I think in 1975 or so, which made me 15. I ran into a school chum who was a tad older who got me in. Well, he didnt get me in, he just taught me, a pimply face pubescent, that if I could believe I was 18, the ticket taker/Barker would believe I was 18. Come to find out I was good at believing and I could believe I was 18 (The start of my acting career perhaps?) and with the swish of the ticket takers hand showing me the way to the inside of the tent, my heart was beating three times as fast as what a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl with my best friends ex-wife and daughter could make it beat.

Of course my heart would beat another twenty or so beats per minute when the show finally began and

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