Do y'all remember the Hoot shows

Saw our Governor yesterday at the Fair. Nice guy, wicked nice. Im not just saying that either. When he visits with you (always short visits though Im positive hed be as nice during a long visit) you get the feeling hes being sincere. Thats a next to impossible trait to carry when youre a life-long politician, but I think our Governor Douglas carries sincerity in spades, at least when hes relating with the public. As far as how he is when hes working with his peers, I have no idea, nor do I care. Im John Q public and to me, John and Jane Q public are Governor Douglas bosses, and from where I sit, hes a first rate employee who treats all his bosses very well.

His wife was with him as she often is at the fun stuff, and as far as Im concerned the same goes for her. Im not even sure of her name, but Im sure shes not faking the smile she wore as she shook my hand and spoke to me a word or two. I didnt get a politicy feel from her at all, but instead I felt as though I was greeting my kids 4th grade teacher, someone whom Ive spent time with before, but dont know very well, but someone I fully trust. Shes also some attractive (youll find 4th grade teachers often are ... if you dont mind my saying).

Separately and as a team, Governor Douglas and his wife get my vote at least for nicest politicians around. Like relatives they are, to everyone they meet. I mean that. Very old Americana ee.

Which brings up something else about the fair that to me was Americana-ee, but is long past, and should I say, oft missed.

The Hoot shows. You might call them the Girlie Shows. I miss them. Not in an its exciting seeing naked women sense, but in an I miss the old days, good old Americana sense.

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