Motorists need to consider local residents

I was reading your front-page article this morning about Chesterfields consideration to enact an excessive noise law (Valley News, Aug. 18) and felt compelled to bring up my own concerns about loud noises related to speeding vehicles on Route 9 in the village of Keeseville where I live.

My home is located on Route 9 just south of the village where the speed limit drops to 30 mph. To the very few people who actually do the legal limit, I am forever grateful for your respect of the law and for the residents who live here. To the countless others who insist on speeding to where theyre going, putting pedestrians, children or animals in danger, I ask you to think about how you're affecting their safety and well-being.

Safety aside, the difference in noise level between 30 mph and 40, 50, 60-plus mph is quite amazing. If a vehicle is doing 30 mph its engine is quiet, tire noise is minimal, wind noise is low. When a person steps on the gas, the engine races, tire noise increases, as does wind noise. Most drivers who I observe driving past my home are doing at least 45 or 55 mph. Thats conservative. Others are gunning it going even faster. In the middle of the night there are those few cars and motorcyclists who really get going, their motors screaming at high rpm. I cant help but think theyre doing it on purpose, knowing people are sleeping. Its not something that happens once in a while. What could possibly be so important that so many people have to get to so quickly? And what about how it affects gas mileage? Gas isnt cheap.

I only wish people could think about how they affect others with their actions. The town of Chesterfield wouldnt be considering a noise law if people would just think about how their actions really reach beyond their own immediate environment. As far as speeders are concerned, if any state troopers are reading this, I know a stretch of Route 9 that could use some enforcement.

André ˆaas

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