What I did on my summer vacation

I got home, commenced to pack, and remembered I had a few things to clean up for the newspaper before it went to print, this column being one of them.

So I logged on, commenced to send an e-mail to my editor only to discover that my outgoing mail server was being ornery. I dont know what an outgoing mail server is, and I dont know what I did to tick it off.

I spent the next two hours playing with it trying to coax it into accepting my outbound mail. But no matter what I tried, it refused to cooperate. It must have been really annoyed, that outbound mail server thing of mine.

I finally resorted to the only option I could think of: I sent my stuff to the editors up north via Yahoo. It seems Yahoo doesnt like Quark, the program in which we write stories. And, consequently, by the time you read this, Im thinking my editors wont be liking me either.

So I did it.

And that leaves me with this column to write. But given that its my day off, I guess Im not inclined to write one. My e-mail is busted and Im long out of time.

Tomorrow Im going on vacation, if I can get away.

And if I do, maybe Ill send you a postcard instead.

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