What I did on my summer vacation

Im going on vacation tomorrow. Or at least Im trying to. Nothing fancy. Just a day at the beach on the way to take my daughter back to college. Well lie in the sun, read a page or two of a good book, fall asleep, get sunburned, and then go on to campus. Its a little R&R stop on the treadmill of life.

Ill go, if I can get away.

You see, I requested three days off and my boss said okay. Today was one of the three, even though technically, Im not leaving until tomorrow, if I can get away.

Today was my get ready day...you know, the day when I finish getting all the stuff done I couldnt finish the other days, and the day Im supposed to actually get ready to go on this little trip.

But I just couldnt resist stopping by the office to take care of one little thing, a 10-minute job that I could dash in, knock off and dash out.

I got to the office around 11. I knew it wasnt a good sign when my boss didnt notice I was in jeans and a T-shirt and instead just started giving me stuff to do.

How do you tell your boss youre on vacation, especially since youre standing there apparently ready and able to work? So I didnt say anything, thinking eventually hed remember I wasnt there, or at least I wasnt supposed to be.

He didnt.

Remember that is.

Three hours later he left for an appointment. I waited until the coast was clear and I ducked out, knowing that hed wonder what happened to me. It was a calculated risk. If he didnt remember I was on vacation, Im betting by Monday he wouldnt remember I ducked out of my vacation day early, either.

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