This Week's Review: Superbad

Like all stubborn middle-aged men, I avoiding going to the doctor because I knew I could beat this thing on my own (insert laugh track here). I inhaled obscene amounts of vitamins, took a steam bath, slept for hours on end, drank herbal tea you name it, I did it. But nothing seemed to work.

And then I decided to go see this weeks feature, Superbad. I was still feeling drained but I knew I couldnt shirk the responsibility of my column. Oddly, I wasnt more than ten minutes into this film when I suddenly started to feel good. I realized that I hadnt had a really good belly laugh since Id become sick. By the time the picture ended, I felt like a new man. Im not saying this film is so funny it will cure all sickness, but it was funny enough to brighten up my mood (maybe laughter really is the best medicine).

Set just weeks before high school graduation, Superbad follows the travails of three dorky young men who suddenly have an opportunity to get with the in-crowd. All they have to do is buy liquor for an upcoming party. Once they succeed, theyre certain beautiful women will fall all over them.

Superbad is the Fast Times at Ridgemont High for todays high schoolers. Its full of harsh language, hip music, and geeky guys trying to work the angles on beautiful women. If youve seen one of these films, youve basically seen them all. The only thing that differentiates one film from another are the actors who star in them and that is where Superbad found its greatest strength. The three leading men in this picture, each with their own unique geek mystique, made this movie worth seeing. Take them away and youve got nothing more than another third-rate T&A film.

Like all high school comedies, the older you are the less likely you will be to find worth in Superbad. Theres a bevy of comedic situations to laugh at, but much of it is age appropriate. Give this one a shot if youre young or young at heart, otherwise you may just feel out of place. A geekish B for Superbad.

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