President Bush displayed courage

To the Times of Ti:

The press in general likes to describe our presidents participation in the Air Guard in terms of evading service in Vietnam. The fact is, he went through Air Force pilot training and served as a pilot in the Air National Guard.

Im not sure if you are aware what this requires, but it from my experience it takes a level of courage and dedication that is nothing to dismiss so offhandedly. Why do you think life insurance policies have always had clauses that exempt payouts if the insured is injured in military flying? Read yours, I'll bet it has words in it to that effect.

How many of us have friends and relatives that joined the Guard during the Vietnam era? Do we look at them with disregard, brand them with the war evader stigma? From my perspective this is exactly what the press is doing to all of them every time they brand George W. Bush with that epithet.

Greg B鴩t
Crown Point

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