Troops need 'real' support

It wasnt always like this in American history, the men and women in charge made sure their family members led the way. After Pearl Harbor President Franklin D. Roosevelts sons all enlisted. Both of Lyndon B. Johnsons sons-in-law served in Vietnam.

President Bushs own family illustrates the current situation. In three generations the Bushes have gone from war hero in World War II, to war evader in Vietnam, to none of the extended family serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

People of good conscience can argue we should not be in Iraq, that its not the right war. Thats fine, we should respect everyones views.

But, if someone claims to support this war and American troops they need to take a hard look at their own lives and their family. Did they serve? Will they serve? Will they ask their children to serve?

Those answers are much tougher than deciding whether to spend a few dollars on a We Support Our Troops magnet.

Fred Herbst is Times of Ti editor. He can be reached at fred@denpubs.com

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