Letter draws criticism from full-time resident

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Milt Sigels letter of 8/4/07. First of all, he cites one problem as being that the local residents in the Adirondacks expect wealthy city families to pay high prices for Adirondack properties. Well, the reason the properties are so expensive is that many people started coming up here and bought property at ridiculously high prices because they were cheap in comparison to New Jersey and Westchester, but way more than locals can afford. Then all of the assessments started going up because sale prices are the basis for assessments. Now everyone pays higher taxes. Some cant afford to stay so they sell their property and the cycle begins again. Why should we care about your second home problems when we cant afford a first home?

Second, he complains about sales tax and local services. He expects to come up here for two months of the year and get great services but brings supplies from out of state. How do you expect local businesses to stay open when you are only here for part of the year when you dont even support them while you are here? Maybe we could bring in a Walmart for you!

Finally, as for political say, why dont you just vote down the school budget like all of the other negative thinkers around here? A bunch of poorly educated local residents ought to help drive down property values.

Steve Schaefer

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