Light Switch Project promotes energy conservation

CFLs use about one third of the electricity used by standard light bulbs. Those who use CFLs save energy, which translates to a lower electricity bill. In turn, the electrical companies do not need to generate as much power, thus saving them from the cost of fuel needed to supply electricity to residential buildings.

The project received a great deal of help from two well-known Vermont organizations: Efficiency Vermont and 10 Percent Challenge. Fenn said that both organizations played a pivotal role in supplying the project with the necessary resources.

Efficiency Vermont interfaced with David Estey of Estey Hardware and they set up a table at the store. Through their combined efforts, Estey was able to offer each light bulb at a discounted rate of 99 cents.

Its a great deal, added Fenn. You can buy anything from the equivalent of a 60-watt light bulb to an 100-watt light bulb. Normally, these products sell for more than three dollars.

The Light Switch Project set a numerical goal for Hinesburg residents: install 6,000 CFLs.

We should be moving in on 3500, said Fenn. We hope to keep moving. Its easy to get started, but harder to keep up momentum.

In March, the project created a display at the town hall to show people how the light bulbs work.

We passed out information, added Fenn. It was also a good time to share with residents other conservation projects the households can undergo, like weather stripping and insulation.

The project plans to hold a green-up day in the near future. The event consists of residents planting trees along creeks in the Hinesburg area, as well as a trash pick-up. Several more conservation-related activities are planned are also planned, said Fenn.

Wendy Patterson, who is currently in Europe, has been in charge of the Light Switch Project since its inception, Fenn added, and he has been handling the operation of the committee in her absence.

For more information, contact Dave Fenn at 482-4565.

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