Light Switch Project promotes energy conservation

HINESBURG Estey Hardware has sold more than 3,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs, according to Hinesburg resident Dave Fenn, and that number is likely to grow in the coming weeks.

Several months ago, community members throughout Hinesburg got together and created a task force committee to promoting energy conservation. The committee eventually developed into what is now known as the Hinesburg Light Switch Project.

They started a sustainable energy committee here in town, said Fenn. There was a group out of Montpelier that had been set up to help communities get action going on the sustainable energy front. We had a meeting at the high school and invited community members. The consultants who came in here to help us were a great group of people.

At the meeting, residents of Hinesburg were asked to share their personal experience with and thoughts on energy conservation.

We had a brainstorming session that was open to whoever wanted to chime in, said Fenn. We then honed it down to what we felt were the 10 most important issues and then created separate committees. It was all on a volunteer basis as to who helped on each committee.

In the months after the community meeting, each committee met on its own time and researched the many available outlets that can be used to conserve. Fenn said that his committee decided to think small. Essentially, the committee wanted to look for simple methods that households can employ to save energy without creating a larger economic burden.

A review meeting was held every few months to hear about the progress of the committees, he added. We came up with a committee to get better lighting in our community through the use of CFL, compact fluorescent lighting/light bulbs. Our committees goal is to promote the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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