Three challenge for two Republican slots in Town Board race

The Town of Johnsburg consists of seven Hamlets and I found that several are, in my opinion, being forgotten, Comstock said. As I was getting my signatures, I asked several folks what their concerns are about the area, so obviously if the local folks are concerned about these issues, I would also be and would take this information to the Board.

Comstock said concerns she heard repeatedly from residents are: too many developments, thus raising taxes; the concern over traffic and noise with the new Tall Timbers project currently being proposed.

Entering off East Holcomb Street is a huge concern of folks in that there are a lot of children, narrow streets and such, Comstock said.

Other concerns include: the Front Street Project and whether it will it be good for the area; will local people find jobs with this project? Comstock said.

Town water is another issue, with all the new developments going in, where is the water coming from and how many more developments can the Town water handle? Comstock said.

A big concern, Comstock said, is property taxes and the impact on property owners in the town.

Property that has been in families for years - older folks are having to sub-divide and sell off pieces in order to pay taxes, Comstock said.

Other issues Comstock mentioned include the new ATV park that is being proposed on South Johnsburg Road; the impact of budget restraints on the towns emergency medical and fire response companies; and the overall impact of growth and development in the town.

I guess the big question is how much change is too much change? Comstock said. I feel that change is always good in moderation and the one thing that draws so many to the Town is the small-town charm and I think we need to try and maintain that as much as possible and still bring in the needed opportunities.

Comstock said the town could benefit from some new ideas in town government.

I think the Town Board is ready for fresh, new faces with new ideas, input and concerns, Comstock said.

In her professional life, Comstock has been an administrative assistant for 30 years, most recently at the Sagamore Resort where she was employed for the past 12 years.

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