Illegals in Addison County

To the Editor:
Found this news item: Cobb County, Ga., sheriff deputies have been duly trained by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the 287(g) program. They are starting deportation proceedings against illegal aliens in their prison system. Since the U.S. Congress wont do anything about this criminal invasion, getting the local governments involved is the answer. They have an investment in cleaning up the neighborhoods of illegals. Under the 287(g) program, we should start the Bagem and Dragem program immediately in Vermont! Catch one walking or driving while illegal, bagem, haul them into a 24-hour court, stamp their forehead unwanted andstart the deportation the paperwork. The second part dragem provides for taking them to the border and unceremoniously flinging them over the line. Vermont has a wonderful history of cleaning up nest-foulers." Time to resuscitate the Addison County Vigilante Association just for this purpose. There are enough of these rascals running around Addison County farms and construction jobsites to start a thriving cottage industry frog-marching them to the southern border.

Ed Mann

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