Where am I now?

When you drive into your driveway after working, shopping or both, do you make multiple trips from car to house to get all your stuff inside, or do you try to haul it all in one trip? Im an all-in-one-trip-hauler, which can, and has had, disastrous results, but I keep it up anyway. Ive broken bottles of olive oil in my driveway, dropped my cell phone more times than I care to remember, and left countless coats or sweaters on the ground until I could come back to retrieve them. Still, I endeavor to get every single thing in the car into the house in one trip. This caused me a good deal of distress one day last week. We have a two-car garage with a really old, decrepit door that we very seldom use. It has an automatic door opener installed, but that stopped working years ago, and so the door remains open. This has caused snow to blow in, rain to accumulate on the floor and generally keep our power bill higher than it needs to be. We ordered a new garage door recently, and as I came around the corner to my house on this particular day, I noticed something big and white where my open garage usually was. The installers had been here, and there was my new insulated door! Great! I got out of the car, grabbed my bag of groceries, the great deal I got on new pants at Eddie Bauer, my purse, camera, mail, water bottle, news pad and oh yeah, my glasses, and made my way to the door. Trouble is, I always go in through the garage, and my new garage door was closed. I looked at the newly installed keypad attached to my house and tried to follow the instructions to open it, but the big white door didnt budge. It was a gray, windy day and I was chilly, standing in my driveway, arms full of stuff, wanting to go inside. Our dog Skye was whining and barking because I was home, but not inside petting him. I plodded through the unshoveled snow to the front door, fumbling with my keys and tried to let myself in that way, but the key wouldnt budge. I checked to be sure I had the right key, but no luck. Now I was getting mad. Those dumb garage installer guys, locking me out of my own house! How dare they! I went back to the driveway, still carrying all my stuff and fumbled with my cell phone. I called 411, got the garage people, identified myself, but to no luck there; the file was in Scotts name, which isnt OBrien. Getting madder by the minute, I told them I was Nancy Matthews and a nice man came on and asked how he could help. I began my tirade, but he kept saying, Hello? Hello? and finally hung up. I felt like those cell phone commercials, where relationships fail because of dropped calls. Really fuming now, I called back, but the line was busy. Did I mention that it was after 1 p.m. and Id been looking forward to lunch? Yup, I was hungry on top of everything else. Out of patience, I finally did what I should have done in the first place: I dropped the new pants, the groceries, the water bottle, purse, camera and mail onto the hood of the car, put on my glasses and went back to the front door. Now, able to see, and with my hands free, the front door unlocked right away. I went inside, petted the dog and opened the door to the garage; there on the step were my new garage door openers and the secret code to that keypad on the outside. Still furious, I left the stuff on the step and went in to call and complain to Scott. And this is the garage guys fault because... he began, You had trouble opening the front door? This did nothing to lighten my mood, and I terminated the conversation shortly thereafter. OK, so maybe it wasnt the garage door guys fault that I couldnt get into my house. Maybe. And I gotta say, that handy new garage door opener in the car sure makes it easier for me to haul all my stuff in one trip! Nancy OBrien is the editor for Adirondack Journal. She can be reached at nancy@denpubs.com

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