Very old tradition and one we dont see much of anymore

WARRENSBURG Its a very old tradition and one we dont see much of anymore, but some of the women of the Warrensburg Presbyterian Church continue to practice this rite of spring. The celebration of May Day dates back to the Romans, marking the coming of spring. The people would decorate the Temple of Flora, the Goddess of Flowers, with wreaths and flowers. In England, the May Day Festival was very important and a May Pole was brought from the woods and set up in the villages where people would dance and sing for spectators. Even today, in some city parks in our country, you might see the May Pole with ribbon streamers and children dancing around it. Until a generation ago, children in our area would spend weeks making Maybaskets, using old cardboard containers and decorating them with colorful crepe paper and flowers. The baskets would be filled with sweets and on May 1, they would be secretly placed on doorsteps around the neighborhood. The Womens Fellowship of the Warrensburg Presbyterian Church have kept this tradition alive, making and selling May baskets each year. This year, Mary Cranker and Ruth Near created the colorful baskets and will offer them for sale at the church on April 28 starting at 9 a.m.They will also have gifts, crafts and friendship tea and coffee.

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